A heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in our June 2013 Fundraising events!

We were truly “Lifted by Song” with Melanie DeMore and all of you.

Enjoy this short excerpt from the Community Sing (2:30):

[sublimevideo poster=”https://voicesofgrief.org/wp-content/uploads/Melaniess.png” src1=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/vogrief/Standing Stone_360p.mp4″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

And enjoy this full experience of Stick Pounding at the Benefit Concert (9:40):

[sublimevideo poster=”https://voicesofgrief.org/wp-content/uploads/MD_SP.png” src1=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/vogrief/Lifted-by-Song-Melanie-DeMore-Stick-Pounding.mp4″ width=”640″ height=”360″]



“How I’ve been Lifted by Song” –
Feedback from our Community Sing, June 2013

What a joyful experience.  I am grateful.

From God  From God  From God  From God

Heartfelt gratitude for putting your idea, dreams into reality.  Beautifully executed & incredible experience.

This must continue in our community!   🙂

What a shining light & standing stone full of energy & brilliance

It is amazing how singing together creates community so quickly!!

Renewal & Joy

Very Touching & Fun


Great!  Uplifting

What a blessing that opened my heart and tears [heart drawing]

I was really inspired by Melanie to listen to my heart.  I enjoyed hearing the choir of voices all singing as one.  I was not afraid to sing out.

Ever so special.

This was a wonderful, fun, uplifting, spiritual event — thanks to Sally & Annie for hearing Melanie a year ago & were inspired to make this event happen.   Thank you.  🙂

Holy Connection.  Loved it [heart drawing].  Than you.

Dawg Dawg Diggod.   WOOF!

Connectivity – from Patanjali quote on Children’s Chorale T-shirts to spirituals to threshold songs to singing together – we are one!

Thank you so much for this wonderful joyous way to remember my precious husband who passed onward 6 months ago

Touched my heart

Spoke to my soul

Dawg gone good!

Thank You!

What a winner of an evening!

Thanks – What a great way to start the summer

So So Amazing

And Wonderful

My Heart is Singing!

cool night

sweet voices

Grandpa deryl because today is the anaversarie of passing.

Connections – together through Song


[heart drawing]

Thank you!


What fun!

We should do this more often!

Awesome!  What a feeling of community!

Unleashed my burden of & I know I can be strong to go thru the suffering w/my husband

Enjoy myself very well

Something Different

As a way to host & pace an event, consider NOT dissipating the energy.  Melanie helped us generate good energy & feel it, and your well-intentioned announcements etc. kept disrupting it.  Melanie did a great job – thanks for bringing her.

connected to community

connected with God


Reconnected to myself and being part of a community & the world.


Thank you for making me feel part of something greater than myself.

Yeah!  Everybody turned in Dogs  🙂

I am part of a lovely ball of joy & love.   XOXOXO

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