Share the award-winning Voices of Grief documentary film with your community.

We’ve created the Voices of Grief Community Screening Kit and Bereavement Group Support Kit to give you an easy-to-use resource for showing the film and leading a discussion about the issues that are challenging to those who are grieving as well as those who are companioning others through the sacred journey.

Kathy Sparnins

Screening Kit

Choose the License below that fits your organization
Kit ships with the film on DVD.

All Community Screening Kits include everything you need to host a successful event in your community:

  • “Voices of Grief, Honoring the Sacred Journey” DVD.
  • Unlimited license to publicly exhibit the film at your location.
  • 15 page Facilitator Guide: Simple how-to guide for hosting a successful community screening from promoting the event to leading an effective discussion to post-event follow-up. Includes access to online event support resources.
  • 46 page Companion Discussion Guide: A comprehensive guide for use with those who grieve and with caregivers including discussion scripts and suggested activities.
  • Master copies of Participant handouts and surveys.
  • Master copies of Promotional posters and postcards.

All events using this material must be offered free to the public. If fundraising/selling, coordinate with Voices of Grief. If you have any questions, please see the Licensing FAQ.

Community Screening Kit + Business License with PPR

Select  this license if you are a Business.

  • Includes Public Performance Rights (PPR).
  • You can show the film as many times as you would like at one location.
  • If you have more than one location, please purchase the Extra Location License or contact us about purchasing multiple kits at a discount.
  • $295 shipping ($9.75 within the US)

Community Screening Kit + Nonprofit License with PPR

Select this license if you are a Nonprofit Organization.

  • Includes Public Performance Rights (PPR).
  • You can show the film as many times as you would like at one location.
  • If you have more than one location, please purchase the Extra Location License or contact us about purchasing multiple kits at a discount.
  • $195 shipping ($9.75 within the US)

Extra Location License with PPR

  • The Extra Location License allows you to show the film at one additional location with Public Performance Rights (PPR).
  • If you want to show the film at multiple locations, you must purchase an Extra Location License for each individual location. 
  • Includes additional DVD and electronic copies of all Community Screening Kit documents.
  • $95 shipping ($9.75 within the US)

Support Kit 

Choose this Kit for use in private, small bereavement support groups
Kit ships with the film on DVD.

The Bereavement Support Kit includes just what you need to facilitate a film-based bereavement support group:

  • Voices of Grief Honoring the Sacred Journey DVD.
  • 46 page Companion Discussion Guide.
  • Small Bereavement Group Rights for one location.


Bereavement Support Kit – Limited PPR

Select this license if you are a Bereavement Counselor, Therapist , Group Facilitator, Clergy or Lay Minister working with small bereavement/grief support groups..

  • This Kit with Limited Public Performance Rights is valid for small bereavement group use at a single location.
  • $95 shipping ($9.75 within the US)

Refund and Defective Media Exchange Policy
All sales are final. Defective DVDs will be replaced at no cost within 120 days of purchase. After 120 days, defective DVDs will be replaced at a nominal cost. Contact to initiate a replacement.

Shipping Information
Your order will arrive within 5-10 business days for US/Canadian addresses and within 30 days for most International addresses.

This material is intended to reach as many people as possible and the pricing model reflects that intention. For use outside your home, you are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate package and license for your organization/institution. Showing this film (and utilizing the accompanying discussion guide) in a community setting is the best way to promote dialogue and engagement, and facilitate healing grief-stricken hearts.

"It is the grief that I never really processed. I have been grieving my whole life."
– feedback from a grief group participant

Voices of Grief jumps right into the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is listening to, sitting with, and making sacred the stories people have to tell about their loved ones and their losses. What we have to offer from our heart is not only story, but it is medicine as well. That is the deep mystery of the emotion of our grief. When we allow that which is within us to come out, we are on the path of mending. We won’t get over loss – nor should we. We mend amid the loss and learn how our lives will now be different. This mystery is at the core of this film.

The collection of sages supporting and affirming the content of the personal stories of loss in the movie, make the film deeply grounding. These wisdom-keepers punctuate the film, making it a safe space to dig into sharing some of the difficulties of grief. Difficulties like the way people may recoil from us when we grieve, or have expectations that we should be over our loss. And, these difficulties are exactly what are shared here in this film; shared in a way that helps normalize them and set them into the context of our interior growth and development. These are needful things.

Marianne Williamson, David Kessler, Paula D’Arcy, Alan Wolfelt, PHD, Thomas Lynch, Rabbi Harold Kushner have all been names in the end-of-life community for decades. Their dedication to the continuity of the work and wrestling with the difficult issues gives the film a broad base.

If you have ever lost anyone in your life that you love, you need to find a way to see this film. Our hospice team is excited to find countless new ways to invite people into our space and share the wonder that is this film. A film that is really a community of mourners. A sacred space to begin our grief. 

Tom Johnson-Medland

Director, BAYADA Hospice, East Stroudsburg, PA

Somehow you manage to wrest the beauty from terrifying losses, and make it the last say.

Paula D'Arcy

Red Bird Foundation

This film brings grief out of the darkness and into the light of hope and healing.

Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley

The most groundbreaking guide through grief since Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote about death and dying.

Karen Everett

Award-Winning Film Director, New Doc Editing

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