Hector (Nicer) Nazario

Hector (Nicer) Nazario

Hector "Nicer" Nazario

The TATS CRU is a group of Bronx-based professional muralists whose work in aerosol has changed the perception of graffiti as art. Twenty-five years ago, three teenagers Wilfredo (Bio) Feliciano, Hector (Nicer) Nazario, and Sotero (BG183) Ortiz began their artistic careers by creating subway graffiti.

What began as recognition tactic has evolved into a powerful, expressive style that has brought The TATS CRU to the forefront of mural art. Their work is recognized throughout the world as leaders in graffiti advertising and mural painting.

Over the last two decades, the TATS CRU has produced advertisements for neighborhood businesses and institutions and are a major producer of New York style memorial murals, created in Remembrance of victims of untimely and often violent deaths.

Source:  TheMuralKings.com website, “TATS CRU – ABOUT”

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Tats Cru Memorial Wall

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